Best Winter Boots 2018 For Men And Women

Best Winter Boots: We all need those perfect pair of boots which keeps our feet warm and dry. If you are trying to find out which are the perfect winter boots for everyday wear, you are in the right place. In this article, we have listed out the top 5 best winter boots that you can buy on Amazon. Read and find out which one of these are perfect for you and get them home.

All the Boots listed below have both male and female versions and we have provided links to both the version. So that this winter season you can step out warm and comfy in one of these beauties. Go ahead!

Here Is Why You Need One Of These Winter Boots:

The main reason you should have winter boots is the warmth, all the above boots have insulation technology which keeps your feet warm. They also let the sweat out so you don’t have to end up with a white soaked up feet. The warmness gives you the confidence to step out instead of sitting lazily on your couch
Grip and Support. This is the second reason you should have them, you don’t want to fall off during your morning walk of course. These provide you that grip so that you can run, walk or jog confidently.

And last but not least, the durability. No other footwear provides you as much durability as boots. Instead of buying several pairs of footwear every year, you can get one of these and get done with it. Hope you found the reasons to get one of these. Go ahead!

Here Are The Top 5 Best Winter Boots

1. Columbia Ugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot
Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

We have to say that these are one of the best winter boots out there. The amount of warmth and comfort these provide made us keep these boots first on this list. These well-built lightweight boots are allrounders when it comes to snowshoeing or any other activity in cool areas. These pair of boots will long laster than you might be thinking, considering the fact that you use them in snow or water, many other competitors might not last as long as these.

These are Omni cold boots. If you have no idea what Omni cold means, let us explain. Omni cold is an insulating system that keeps your feet 20% warmer than other insulation. These generally reflect the heat emitted by your own body back to your feet making you warm without any foot warmers.

These boots are lightweight, flexible and they have thermal-reflective liners. Which enables you to dip your feet in ice cold lake without any fear. How cool is that? Cool enough to make your trip a memorable one. To be honest you even don’t need those thick woolen socks when you have these. And also these give you the grip that allows you to hike across the lake and walk through layers of snow that’s to its sole.

Here is my review after using the Columbia Ugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boots:
” The beauties are Comfortable from day one. My previous boots let the cold right in through. I used to come home from my walk of few miles with very cold feet. But now after getting these, my feet have been toasty warm, Last week it was 15 degrees all 7 days but it didn’t phase my feet. I had some awful experience in the past due to my previous boots, but not now, not in my Columbia boots. I am comfortable all day long and my feet do not get hurt  while wearing them.”

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Available Colours:
In male version: Charcoal/Bright Red; Black/Charcoal; Mud, Squash; Mud/Squash.
In female version: Sea Salt/ Twili; Shale/Aqua; Black/Dark Mirage; Black/Dark Mir.

Columbia Ugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boots:
For Men: Buy Now
For Women: Buy Now

2. Sorel Caribou Boots

Sorel Caribou Boots
Sorel Caribou Boots

Classic. Yes, if I have to define these in word then it should be classic. Ah! what pair of well-built boots. These are one of the best when it comes to comfort, style, and performance. These will keep your feet warm in almost all conditions no matter what activity you are involved in. These are 100% percent waterproof and you should not have to worry about snow or water getting into your feet thanks to its extended upper part.

They have an excellent insulation liner which is also removable/replaceable. The insulation has a 9mm ThermoPlus felt InnerBoot. This ThermoPlus thing is one of the main features that might make you get these. They basically provide you warmth, moisture transfer, comfort, and durability.

We have to say that durability is one of the main reason people buy these. Sorel is always known for its ability to stay new for so many years. The removable and replaceable inner liner helps these boots last longer than its competitors. Having said all these points, these elegant boots will be a great addition to your winter wear

Here is my review after using the Sorel Caribou Boots:
I have to say these are best snow boots I have ever bought. When I first got them I felt they are “slightly” small, but after wearing them a few times they have loosened up. I’m size 11, and they now feel right on the money. Another thing, you want the insulating material to come together when you lace up. Also, you don’t need to lace them up super tight, they are fine even if they are moderately tied. I feel that these boots are so well insulated you only need one pair of good socks. I wear a single pair of socks and my feet feel toasty warm and that is all you need.”

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars.
Available Colours:
In male version: Bruno; Buff; Black/Tusk.
In female version: 

Sorel Caribou Boots:
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For Women: Buy Now

3. The North Face Chilkat III Boots

The North Face Chilkat III Boot
The North Face Chilkat III Boot

These might look heavy, but these are extremely lightweight. They are made of lightweight and soft materials and provides your feet that soft comfort. It has a 200 g Heatseeker insulation which keeps your feet warm and dry and also lets the sweat out. These also have waterproof TPR shell which makes the shoes 100% waterproof. Comes with a BLC-compliant leather upper which makes it even more worth.

The Durable TNF Winter Grip rubber sole which provided great grip and traction that you need while walking in snow. The insulation is made of Polyester fibers gives the warmth that you need and upper is made of Leather/thermoplastic rubber makes it durable and look cooler

These versatile boots keep your feet comfy warm in freezing conditions. They also look great which catches so much attention. These basically have all the great things you may need. Once you try them on there is no looking back. Awesome boots!

Here is my review after using The North Face Chilkat III Boots:
” I actually bought the female version of these for my girlfriend and she freaking loved these! She says she loves them and they keep her feet warm even in freezing cold. She uses these for her morning jog and they provide that grip that we need while going through snow. To be honest, I also tried them on (when she is not home, of course) and I actually loved the comfy feeling they provide. I feel these are amazing and probably you should get one.”

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars.
Available Colours:
In male version: Carafe Brown/Bracken Brown; Mudpack Brown/Bombay Orange; Tnf Black/Dark Gull Grey.
In female version: Cub Brown/Mediterranea Green; Tnf Black/Zinc Grey; TNF Black/Zinc Grey.

The North Face Chilkat III Boots:
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For Women: Buy Now

4. KEEN Durand Polar Hiking/Winter Boot

KEEN Durand Polar Hiking/Winter Boot
KEEN Durand Polar Hiking/Winter Boot

First things first, this might not be the best looking boot in the business. But, performance wise this is beast. This is one of those boots which wanna wear over and over even though you don’t need them. A great performer outdoors in cold snowy areas. It comes with a 400 g bamboo-based insulation which is the best you can get. Also, the grip provides good hold in ice or snow. It also provides that ankle support. So, good grip with decent ankle supports that what all you need.

These also have waterproofing membrane which basically keeps water out, but lets sweat get out which lets you keep your feet warm and dry. They also provide decent stability and flexibility at the same time which is amazing. Lacing these up is a big headache but once you get them on you are ready to go.

These are stiff and durable. These are not that good in extremely cold conditions if you wear them for longer periods. And when it comes to size Keen recommends you to one-up by half a size. These are also high enough that there is no possibility that snow will be entering from the top end. So it is a complete all-rounder. You should get these.

Here is my review after using the KEEN Durand Polar Hiking/Winter Boots:
” Firstly, I have to say that I did a good thing by ordering half inch bigger one than my original size. Otherwise, these would have been tight and I also suggest you do the same. Coming to the performance, I really loved the flexibility and its ability to keep my feet warm. These provided a great ankle support and I didn’t experience any pain even after using them for long hours. And also these are made in America so that adds up to all the good things and I recommend you to get these.”

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.
Available Colours:
In male version: Black/Gargoyle; Cascade Brown/Gargoyle.
In female version: Magnet/Mineral Blue.

KEEN Durand Polar Hiking/Winter Boots:
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For Women: Buy Now

5. Baffin Impact Insulated Boot

Baffin Impact Insulated Boot
Baffin Impact Insulated Boot

These are tailor made to be used in extremely cold conditions. This design is one of the most efficient when it comes to freezing cold conditions. The down part has a great way of letting out the sweat and not letting the water in. That makes these the perfect ones to use in snow or muddy areas. Just get some warm wool socks and you are good to go. There is no doubt in saying that these would be worth the money you pay.

They come with a Thermaplush high technology insulation which keeps your feet warm and dry giving you an awesome experience. When it comes to functionality, comfort and warmth these are top notch. Their soles are quite large which helps you have that good grip and traction ends up giving you that confidence while walking on ice or snow.

Again, these are also 100% waterproof, you don’t have to worry about getting your feet soaked. They have an easily removable/replaceable liner which ultimately helps your boots last longer. They come with wide belts and buckles that are easy to use even with gloves on. Also, the built-in gaiters have a push button drawstring which keeps them closed tight.

Here is my review after using the Baffin Impact Insulated Boots:
“I live in an extremely cold area, and here we have enough snow here to last a lifetime. I bought these boots as a replacement for the insulated work boots that I used to wear normally. And I have to say that I am not at all disappointed with these beauties. While the work boots are alright I really needed a dedicated pair of snow boots and after reading some reviews I bought these. Usually, They are quite warm and so far totally snow proof. The inner boot is nice and snug but gives enough room for my heavy pair of wool socks which I wear with any boots obviously. Very pleased with the price and quality of these boots. I would have definitely recommended these to my friends. I also don’t have any size issues with these.”

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars.
Available Colours:
In male version: Black; Realtree.
In female version: Black; White.

Baffin Impact Insulated Boots:
For Men: Buy Now
For Women: Buy Now



There it is. That is all, we have given all the information about the best winter boots out there and why you should get one home. Hope you liked it. Do check out other product reviews on our website.
Thank you for checking in.